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Hancock Pass / Alpine Tunnel Route Description

From your vehicle, ride back down County Road 162 a short distance, and take a hard right on Road 295. The road climbs gradually as it follows the old railroad grade, keep an eye out for the remains of old mining operations, some of which will be hard to miss...


After about 5.8 miles, you will reach a parking area, and a road junction. Take Forest Service Road 295.2 toward Hancock Lake & Hancock Pass. Shortly after you start following 295.2, take a right turn to continue to Hancock Pass. At this point, the road gets rockier and starts to climb steeply...


As the climb continues, the forest gives way to tundra, and spectacular views abound as you approach the top of Hancock Pass, after about 8 miles...

(67k) (47k)

After a well deserved rest at the top of the pass, descend steeply for about a mile into Brittle Silver Basin, where you'll reach a three way junction - stop and enjoy the view...

(52k) (55k)

Turn right on Forest Service Road 888, and follow it until it joins a well-maintained dirt road at about 9.7 miles. Follow this road to the right as it climbs gently toward the Alpine Tunnel. You are now following the railroad grade again, along the way you'll see signs describing the history of the railroad, as well as many spectacular mountain vistas...

(57k) (75k)

After about 12 miles, you'll pass by the ruins of several railroad structures and see the collapsed entrance to the Alpine Tunnel in front of you. A few buildings remain, including the old station, where at certain times of the year, a ranger may be on hand to provide some history on the railroad and the tunnel. Follow a steep singletrack which takes off on the right side of the tunnel, and climbs up and over the top.


Follow the trail down the other side where it joins an old road. Just to the left, you'll be able to see the other collapsed tunnel entrance - follow the road as it descends to the right. Many old ties remain in the ground on this section of the railroad grade - This is the section you brought your dual-suspension bike along for... If you stop to pick up your teeth or let the blood flow return to your hands, you may catch a nice view of Tunnel Gulch far below.


Follow the road until you reach the junction with the parking area at about 16 miles. Return the way you came down road 295 to Saint Elmo...

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