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Barr Trail

Description and pictures contributed by Craig Evans

This ride takes you from Manitou Springs up the Barr Trail to the Barr Camp, which is approximately halfway to the summit. Although very popular with hikers, the trail has few mountain bikers. The reason for this is simple: it is physically brutal! Elevation goes from all the way from 6,200 feet to 10,200 feet, for a massive 4,000 foot gain over just 6.5 miles.

The trail is generally excellent, barely deserving a moderate Technical Difficulty. Still, the log steps at switchback corners, loose gravel/talus covering the trail, and some rocky conditions higher up can be difficult to negotiate.

This is the ultimate "last big ride" of the season. It was certainly a measure of your conditioning, both physical and mental, as you battle to keep your legs operational. Train hard, and don't miss it next season!

Trail Stats and Pictures

Physical Difficulty
Technical Difficulty
13 mile round trip, 4 hours.
Recommended time to ride is between mid June and end of September.

Us at Barr Camp

Ben Lucero "in the air"

Jeff Mohrman "going up"

Trail Map

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