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Old Flowers Road / Buckhorn Canyon

Located just over the top of Rist Canyon from Fort Collins, this 32 mile ride offers up a physical challenge and some beautiful scenery close to town. The ride surface is mostly dirt roads and 4wd trails, with a short section (about 5 miles) of pavement along Stove Prarie Road.

Please note that Old Flowers road and Monument Gulch road are closed seasonally. Check this page for current road closure status...

Trail Information

From your car, head west on Old Flowers road. The first few miles follow an improved gravel road through private property. After passing through the Sky Corral Ranch, (make sure to leave the gates as you found them) go through another gate onto National Forest land.

From here, the road surface gets rougher, and the climbing gets steeper. Flowers Road alternately climbs and descends as it heads west toward Pingree Park road. There are several side roads along the way, but the main route should be obvious. After a long descent, you'll come to the intersection of Old Flowers road and Monument Gulch road, with Pingree Park road just 100 yards away to the right.

Me, on Old Flowers Road (114 K)

Old cabin on Monument Gulch Road (171 K)

Rob looking at West White Pine Mountain (107 K)

Follow Monument Gulch road to the left up and over the shoulder of West White Pine Mountain, until it intersects with Buckhorn Canyon road (44H). This road is an improved gravel road, and you will likely encounter more traffic, especially on weekends. Point your bike downhill and enjoy the long ride to the Stove Prarie road!

Turn left on Stove Prarie road and return to your vehicle. Did I mention this section was all uphill? It's a bit of a shock after all that descending, but well worth it to complete this excellent ride!

Trail Map

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