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From out-of-town:

Get off I-25 at exit 268 (Prospect Road). Take Prospect Road west until it reaches Overland Trail. Take Overland Trail south (left) to the end of the road at Cottonwood Glen Park - park here. Trails to the south and west will take you over the ridge and into Pineridge Natural Area, but to follow the trail description, ride north on Overland Trail.

In Town:

The trail network is accessible in many places:

  • Southwest Regional Park (Pineridge) at the west end of Horsetooth Road. (parking available)
  • Cottonwood Glen Park (Pineridge) at the south end of Overland Trail. (parking available)
  • Pineridge Natural Area on Couny Road 42c, about a mile west of Overland Trail. (parking available)
  • At the west end of Prospect Road (Maxwell) - take the dirt road west that follows the power lines. (no parking)
  • At the west end of Michaud Lane (Reservoir Ridge), the trail description starts here. (no parking)
  • At several points along Centennial Drive, including the Reservoir Ridge trailhead just below Horsetooth Dam (parking available)

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