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Horsetooth Mountain Park

Horsetooth Mountain Park is located approximately 5 miles west of Fort Collins, CO (on County Road 38E) in the foothills west of Horsetooth Reservoir. The terrain in the park is steep and rocky, and is accessible by service roads and technical singletrack.

Horsetooth Mountain Park is managed by Larimer County Parks, and is a fee area. Please pay the fee and follow the park rules posted at the entrance.

Trail Map

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    • Camera Tilt Angle: 75
    • Camera Range: 600
    • Speed: 200

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Notes: Some of the trails in the northeast section of the map are actually in Lory State Park, which borders Horsetooth Mountain Park to the north. I've included them here because they are useful for completing loop rides. There are many more trails in Lory State Park, which may be the subject of another page someday...

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