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Welcome to Colorado Mountain Biking. On this page, you will find Mountian Bike ride descriptions, along with high quality maps, suitable for navigational use*. Since I live in Fort Collins, I tend to produce more route descriptions and maps for the northern front range area, but there are a few for other areas of the state. Anywhere you see on this site will be one of my maps.

In order to give the site greater utility, I've decided to include links to other mountain biking web sites around the state that I think have some good ride information. These sites are organized by region and displayed on a relief map on the main page, which you will hopefully find more useful than a simple list of links.

  • For additional information (and gory details) on the maps displayed on these pages, please see the Map Notes page.

  • I've worked hard on these maps, please respect my Property Statement...

  • Finally, remember that mountain biking is inherently risky, please read the disclaimer before using any information on this web site.

  • Thanks! and remember to keep the shiny side up! :-)
    Kevin Swab

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