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Mount Baldy

Description and pictures contributed by Craig Evans

This is a high altitude ride starting near Rosemont Reservoir (on Old Stage road) and ending at Stratton Reservoir, which is above the tree line. A four wheel drive road is followed for the entire ride, which climbs steadily from 9,900 feet to 12,200 feet. There is one major fork along the way and you should take the right side (FR-379A).

The views, particulary from the top, are exceptional. There are broadcast towers on top of Baldy, and Stratton Reservoir is also a point of interest. The ride down is a blast. There is a special feeling associated with riding Mount Baldy. Whether it's the views, the experience of riding up through the tree line, or euphoria due to oxygen deprivation is not important. It's a great workout and you will have good memories for a long time.

Trail Stats and Pictures

Physical Difficulty
Technical Difficulty
14 mile round trip, 3.5 hours

Eric on falls

Craig almost at top

Eric on dam

Trail Map

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