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Coyote Ridge / Rimrock Valley

Coyote Ridge and Rimrock Valley open spaces are managed by Fort Collins Natural Areas and Larimer County Parks and Open Lands. With the recent opening of the Rimrock Valley open space, a great trail system now exists here for mountain biking. But this is just the beginning - the Rimrock Valley open space extends north all the way to County Road 38E where it rounds the tip of Inlet Bay (which is very close to Horsetooth Mountain Park), and a trail extending to that end is planned. The Indian Creek Ranch open space has also been acquired, which will link Rim Rock with Devil's Backbone open space to the south. When complete sometime in 2006, an incredible trail network will exist stretching all the way from Lory State Park northwest of Fort Collins to Highway 34 west of Loveland!

Trail Information

From the parking lot, the trail heads west on a gravel road for roughly a mile. The road is flat at first, then it climbs over the first ridge, follows the top for a short distance, then drops down into another valley.

(75 K)

(74 K)

(67 K)

Near the visitor's center, the trail becomes singletrack, and the real climbing begins! After an uphill grind for another mile or so, you reach the top of a high ridge, with excellent views both to the east and west...

(76 K)

(77 K)

(71 K)

The trail follows the top of the ridge for a short distance then drops down into the valley to the west - watch out for the stairs here!. After crossing the valley, the trail starts climbing again.

(106 K)

Soon, you'll come to an intersection marking the start of a short loop. The loop is best travelled counter-clockwise, this way you'll hit most of the technical stuff on downhill stretches. At the far end of the loop, an overlook offers views of Devil's Backbone to the south, and the site of the new Indian Creek Ranch open space to the west.

(103 K)

(39 K)

(64 K)

From here, complete your way around the loop and follow the main trail back to the parking lot. The total distance is about 6.8 miles. The descent from the ridgetop is a real screamer, but make sure to watch out for others on the way up!

Trail Map

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